We are senior operational efficiency experts specialising in healthcare

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Sustainable in
more ways than one

We are a remote working company with no fixed premises. Having our team work exclusively from client sites or home means reduced travel and no offices to heat.

  • We work from home whenever possible. As a management consultancy firm, we recognise that there will always be a need to travel to our client sites to deliver maximum impact and results. However, where suitable we will always offer healthy challenge as to whether a meeting needs to be in person or can be done remotely, to minimise the need for travel not only for us but our clients. Reducing travel expenses also enables us to keep our rates low.
  • Quality over quantity – by only deploying small teams of specialists to work in partnership with local client teams, we ensure we minimise total travel distance.
  • We are a digital only organisation – we do not physically print any marketing materials or delivery documents to reduce paper wastage.
  • We also offset our carbon footprint with Just One Tree by planting trees quarterly.
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Maximising value
for our clients

Productive Partners are a niche consultancy who exclusively deploy small teams of senior specialists to work in partnership with our clients. This is done very deliberately for two key reasons:

Collaboration with our clients to deliver sustainable solutions
Quality not quantity of support increasing value for money

Our clinical efficiency specialists can help with

Theatre Productivity

Working with your clinical teams to improve the pre-theatre processes, such as scheduling, to increase the number of patients treated per session.

RTT Recovery

Optimising all available capacity including productivity of existing sessions, reallocating capacity and optimising insourcing and outsourcing contracts.

Outpatient Transformation

Our programme aligns with the long term plan to deliver 30% of appointments through a non-face to face setting, including virtual, video and telephone appointments.

System Efficiencies

Our clinical efficiency specialists worked across Integrated Care Systems (ICS) to realign capacity with demand, share best practice and deliver joint system strategies.

Workforce Efficiencies

Our programme focuses on both transactional financial savings and wider efficiency improvements, sharing best practice and engaging clinical, operational and back office teams.

CIP Delivery

Our clinical efficiency specialists have worked with trusts to deliver 3-5% IY savings, including clinical, corporate and system-level financial schemes.

Aligning Clinical Capacity with Demand

To achieve long term efficiency savings and deliver performance targets its key trusts realign clinical capacity to changing demand. We work with teams to deliver ‘point of contact’ and ‘pathway’ solutions.

Analytics & Insight

Our specialist have extensive experience with clinical data and are committed to developing new reports and dashboards capabilities with our partners, therefore work closely with your BIU.

Clinical Admin Transformation

Optimising digital technology to increase productivity, enabling trusts to treat more patients without increasing admin workforce

Imaging Efficiency

Working with teams to understand productivity levels and implementing new ways of working to improve throughput and often reduce outsourcing costs.

Cath Lab Efficiency

Working with your clinical teams to improve the planning processes, such as cancellations, to increase the number of patients treated per session.

Endoscopy Productivity

Optimising all available capacity including productivity of existing sessions, reallocating capacity and optimising insourcing contracts.

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Cheshire and Merseyside

Linda Buckley

Managing Director, CMAST Provider Collaborative

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Elliot Ward

Resilience Programme Lead

Productive Partners

Theatre Academy

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